Why book with an experienced Travel Specialist?

Despite what you may have heard, it does pay to book your travel with an experienced travel specialist.

Recently I attended the Cruiseco Conference for the top cruise agents in Australia. I also met quite a few members of the Magellan Travel Group, of which we are also a member. So why am I telling you about two ‘behind the scenes’ travel organisations that most people don’t even know exist? To give you even more reasons to book with Travel Team, of course!
As well as having been in the business of selling travel and only travel for the past 18 years, and having won about 200 awards, membership of Cruiseco gives us access to a wide range of exclusive cruising products that are only available through Cruiseco travel agent members (like us!).

There are many organisations that offer to sell you travel. Some, like us, only sell travel, so they specialise in it, and sell it with ‘passion’, while others sell travel as just one of a wide range of ‘off-the-shelf product lines’ they offer. Which would you prefer to deal with?

Shortly after I penned these reflective words, I was told that one of our travel club members just travelled 45 kilometres to book a flight to New Zealand ‘because we were their travel agents’. It made us both feel so special about what we do, and reiterates my sentiments above.

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