Iceland – The Land of Fire and Ice!

Defined by its dramatic and stunning landscape, Iceland is like discovering another world and should definitely be on everyone's bucket list! You'll be captivated by this wonderland of magical skies, fjords, waterfalls, lava fields, volcanoes, hot springs, geysers and glaciers!

The Fire

With 30 out of approximately 130 volcanic mountains still active today, there are several parts of Iceland that are covered in lava fields. Created by volcanic eruptions which occur approximately every four to five years. These fields are said to be a serene experience with their thick green moss blankets and endless curves. Hot Tip: Explore the quirky capital, Reykjavik, cross the largest mass of lava to have ever flowed on the face of the earth and bathe in the healing waters of the geothermal Blue Lagoon.

The Ice

On of the most impressive displays of ice in Iceland is the numerous glaciers. Some may say it is a glacier paradise, with 11% of the total land covered by ice caps.  Hot Tip: Make sure at least one of these glaciers are on your list when visiting Iceland – Vatnajökull, Mýrdalsjökull, Langjökull, Snæfellsjökull or Eyjafjallajökull.

Reaching as high as 30 meters, Strokkur is a sceptical geysers that you can watch erupts every few minutes!

The Lights

Iceland experiences long summer days and perpetually dark winter nights. With the darkest months of the year being November to March, this is the ideal time to get a glimpse of the spectacular Northern Lights. Alternatively visiting in the months of May to July you will be able to witness the midnight sun, where the sun is visible for almost 24 hours.

A Brief History

Iceland was the last country in Europe to be settles, therefore it’s history is not as long as other European countries. In the 8th century, Iceland was briefly occupied by Irish monks before being permanently settled by the Norse Vikings in the 9th century. In more recent history, Iceland officially broke ties with Denmark on June 17, 1944 to become a independent republic and consequently this is when they celebrate their National Day. Hot Tip: Beginning with the chiming of all the church bells in the city, Reykjavik is the place to be to be part of the National Day celebrations! Another great day to be in Iceland is March 1 to celebrate Beer Day! Believe it or not, beer was banned in Iceland up until March 1, 1989.