Make your way to the UK

England is the lifeblood of Great Britain and has had a huge impact on the history of the world! All its regions are easily accessible from London, famous for its history, culture and pageantry. With its pomp and ceremony, wonderful idiosyncrasies and vibrant diversity, today’s England is friendly, welcoming, fascinating and fun.

Many members of the Travel Team Privilege Club have British ancestry, and love visiting the ‘Old Country’. And of course, there are no language barriers. I still remember the excitement of our twin daughters when we first visited London and just ‘had’ to take photos of the classic red mailboxes!
London has so many iconic sights to enjoy – Buckingham Palace, the changing of the Guard, taking a photo of a Beefeater with their famous black hats and red uniforms (no, they won’t smile, no matter what), Big Ben and Parliament House, a tour of the Tower of London including the astonishing Crown Jewels, red double decker buses, Abbey Road, a cruise on the Thames, Covent Garden theatres, the famous High Tea at the Ritz Hotel, and so much more.
Venture a little further afield to experience the green, green grass of Ireland, the moors in Scotland, famous Oxford and Cambridge, historic Roman Bath, Stonehenge, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo every August and Stratford-upon-Avon. The list just keeps going!
So if you’ve got the taste for fish ‘n’ chips with vinegar, washed down with ‘a pint’ in a quintessential British pub, plus you’d like to experience all the pomp, history and royalty of the UK, now’s the time to talk to one of our travel experts. We can help plan your dream UK holiday for 2017 or even 2018. Or if you’d prefer a hosted group tour, have a look at our UK Royal Tour – it’s brand new and exclusive to Travel Team!

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