Postcard from Kris in Persia

Hello everyone,

It’s very hard to describe being in Iran with a Persian family and friends. Nowhere in the world have I experienced such overwhelming hospitality and kindness that comes from everyone – people you meet on a street through to the young members of the family. My friend Mina, wearing the pink scarf, took us to places we hadn’t been to on the previous trip which included staying with some of her friends from university days. The woman in black opened her door to us for a memorable stay overnight on the way to Esfahan- known in much writing dating back centuries as: Half the World. And I can see why. The architecture, with that of Samarkand, represents the height of Persian architecture.

It was also interesting being here for the election of their President Rohani, a moderate and reformer. The night of his reelection saw celebrations all over Iran as the vote was overwhelmingly from the young who want change. And of course we were taken out onto the streets to enjoy such an occasion.