Top 5 Reasons to book a hosted group tour with Travel Team

  1. After twenty years, we are the hosted group tour specialists for over 50s. We know what you want from your travel experience, and tailor it accordingly.
  2. Travel Team offers group tours that are hosted from start to finish, so you’re travelling with a host from go to whoa. This means you aren’t on any long-haul flights alone, and there’s always an experienced host to help you out with any problems that may arise. Giving you a level of safety and peace of mind you simply don’t get when you go it alone.
  3. Because we organise our group tours many months (if not years) in advance, we get the best possible prices. Our pre-register service allows you to lock in a great value deal. In many cases, you’ll save hundreds of dollars by booking early!
  4. Our hosts are very experienced travellers with a wealth of insider knowledge about the destinations you’re travelling to, so you get the most out of each and every place you visit.
  5. Our hosted group tours are a great option for solo travellers, as you can enjoy the company of others and travel safely to destinations you otherwise may not have felt confident travelling to.
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