Travelling Solo is Smooth Sailing

Graham has been travelling with Travel Team for many years, and is a great advocate of our ‘Willing to Share’ service. Here, Graham talks about his experiences sharing with other solo travellers, while cruising.

Q. How many cruises have you been on?
A. I have enjoyed 15 cruises since 1981. They have mainly been longer ones, as you have ample time to truly experience the ship and visit many different destinations.

Q. Why do you share, rather than going it alone?
A. The cost! It’s extremely expensive travelling by yourself. And it means you already know someone on the ship.

Q. How has your experience been with fellow sharers?
A. I haven’t had a problem with anybody. I’m pretty easy to get along with. Good manners are important when you’re sharing. If the person I’m sharing with isn’t a seasoned traveller, I enjoy showing them the ropes.

Q. How has your experience with Travel Team been?
A. It’s always very easy. I have only ever used the ‘Willing to Share’ service through Travel Team. No other travel agencies really offer this service.

Q. What is your top tip for others who are willing to share?
A. Start early, so you have time to find the right person, and you can also lock in the early bird booking deals, available on board the ship. Choosing the right cabin is also very important. They’re not all the same! The wrong cabin in the wrong spot can ruin your cruise.

Q. Do you participate in Solo Traveller activities on board?
A. Yes, there are always ‘meet and greets’ on board, but they’re more common on longer cruises, where you have more time to get to know new people.

Q. Is it easy to meet people on board?
A. It depends on the individual, really. There are always people to chat to. All you need to do is sit down at the table and start a conversation! If you want to mingle you can, or you can relax by yourself.

Q. Do you have any cruise tips?
A. Make sure you pack any medication you may need. You’ll be shocked how much a visit to the doctor costs on board the ship. Also, if you’re a seasoned traveller and know the port you’re visiting, you’re better off arranging your own shore excursions, as the ones organised by the ship can be very expensive. And remember, whatever you do, do it politely and you’ll usually get what you want.

You don’t have to go alone!

If you don’t like travelling by yourself, why not travel with one of our Solo Travellers?

Just give us a call and we can put you in touch with each other. Make sure you book your solo travel with your new travelling companion with Travel Team.

Apart from our famous ‘Service with Expertise’, if your travel companion needs to cancel, we’ll do our best to find a new one for you, from our extensive database of solo travellers. If you book with another travel agent, they may not be able to offer this service. So don’t be left in the lurch, make sure you book with us!

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