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10 Dec, 2017


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Panama Canal with Costa Rica & Caribbean – Princess

Enjoy 11 days on board Caribbean Princess discovering the Panama Canal, Costa Rica and the Caribbean! This is a round trip from Ft. Lauderdale with 6 incredible ports of call.

Highlights include:

  • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – The city prides itself on being the “Venice of America” with more than 300 miles of navigable waterways. Fort Lauderdale boasts world-class theaters, museums, sightseeing, and shopping.
  • Falmouth, Jamaica – It is noted for being one of the Caribbean’s best-preserved Georgian towns. Founded by Thomas Reid in 1769, Falmouth flourished as a market centre and port for forty years at a time when Jamaica was the world’s leading sugar producer.
  • Cartagena, Colombia – One of the more interesting cities on your itinerary steeped in history. This was the transit port for all the wealth Spain derived from South America. The famous “Old City” is comprised of 12 square blocks filled with attractions, boutiques and restaurants.
  • Panama Canal (Scenic Cruising), Panama – The narrow isthmus separating the Atlantic from the Pacific Ocean had a colorful and turbulent history long before Ferdinand de Lesseps first dreamed of building a transcontinental canal.
  • Cristobal, Panama – While the Panama Canal remains one of the great American engineering feats of the 20th century, visitors to Panama will discover a whole range of scenic wonders. Explore historic old Portobelo. Hike into the dense rain forest, home to over 1,000 species of animals. Or pay a visit to an Embera Indian village in the heart of Chagres National Park. After your ship completes her transit of the Gatun Locks, Princess shore excursion passengers only disembark via ship’s tender service.
  • Limon, Costa Rica –  Costa Rica’s Limon Province boasts pristine beaches, sprawling banana plantations and dense rainforest.
  • Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – The Caymans are a Caribbean demi-paradise of white-sand beaches, coral gardens, and offshore waters harboring spectacular shipwrecks.

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