Live Y❤️ur Life

I am feeling more alive in my 60’s than I did in my 30’s and 40’s. And as you can imagine, working in the travel industry for 20 years, I have an endless bucket list of places I want to see and explore. This is why I have created Live Y❤️ur Life adventures that I will be personally travelling on. The Live Y❤️ur Life adventures I have created with my Travel Team have changed my life. My wife and kids have mentioned my positive change in personality and outlook on life.

Life is about being inspired, inspiring others and living a healthier and happier existence through travelling with friends and like-minded people. I want to feel as many breathtaking moments as possible and there are sure to be many on my next two Live Y❤️ur Life tours below, so why not join me?

So last year I created a Live Y❤️ur Life adventure list. This list is of the greatest destinations in the world. A list of places I want to experience and tick off my bucket list and enjoy with our Travel Team Family and new friends. Over the past 20 years I have had the
privilege of helping over 100,000 people travel the world, now we are doing it together.

Last Christmas we ticked off experiencing a White Christmas, in April this year I chartered a ship from Amsterdam to Basel. Nearly 100 of our Travel Team Family joined me for three wonderful weeks. We had many breathtaking moments and created wonderful memories.

Each year I will be putting together both a domestic and an international trip, and if time and money permits, we may even sneak a third trip in! The Live Y❤️ur Life adventures will always be great value for money, with many hand chosen highlights so that I, the Travel Team Family and our new friends can experience this beautiful world together.

My next Live Y❤️ur Life adventure will be in October, and we’ll be travelling to experience all Tasmania has to offer including the Bloomin’ Tulips Festival, which is a celebration of everything that is colourful, beautiful and charming. In April next year we will be heading to Europe for 4 weeks, to enjoy Spain, followed by a Mediterranean cruise.

So come Live Y❤️ur Life and join me as there is so much of the world still to discover.